In under half a year, one artist’s multi-edition NFTs have a footprint of 260 MWh, 160 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


  • 10.02.2021 Moved some footnotes (e.g. ETH2) to main body
  • 26.02.2021 A much shorter summary of this article has been published in the online publication Flash Art under the title “Toward a New Ecology of Crypto Art: A Hybrid…

You haven’t built / you’re not collaborating with “An Artificial Intelligence”.

This is a quick brain dump that I can point to when needed (rather often).

Just one of the many reasons I’m not fond of the term Artificial Intelligence, is because it’s worded in such a way that it creates confusion between the research field, and a characteristic of…

Part of a series of articles I’ll be posting over the next few days & weeks regarding thoughts from the past few years I’m only just getting round to writing about.

I believe many of the situations we face are generally of vastly complex nature and high dimensions, such that…

Memo Akten

computational ar̹͒ti͙̕s̼͒t engineer curious philomath; nature ∩ science ∩ tech ∩ ritual; spirituality ∩ arithmetic; PhD AI×expressive human-machine interaction;

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